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Manek Dubash Associates



I started in the IT journalism business shortly after buying a BBC Micro in 1983. Becoming fascinated by computing's possibilities, because I was taking a journalism degree at the time it felt natural to start writing about it. The first freelance fee rolled in and I finished at college with a body of freelance work to show for it. 

So I applied for and got a job on Practical Computing, followed by the deputy editorship of Personal Computer World. A spell of 18 months or so freelancing preceded my nine-year career at PC Magazine which culminated by a spell as editor-in-chief of what was the UK's leading labs-based IT publication. 

I then spent time with market analysis company Datamonitor as eCommerce technology strategist until May 2001 whereupon I launched myself as an independent communications consultant -- which is where you find me now.

My first full-time job in journalism was with the (now sadly defunct) Practical Computing where as technical editor, I was responsible for the publication's first networking column. Even prior to that, I was the communications correspondent for Argus Press' A&B Computing, one of the UK's dedicated BBC Micro magazines, which is when the importance of online communications struck me. 

Since then, networking been an area of consistent interest.